General Post Union website is a platform for Trade and Commerce

All products offered for Sale, Trade or Barter, (and donations) may be purchased with Continental Dollar Labor Back CD-LB only.

  1. Create your CD-LB account at the Continental Public Bank to obtain a username LINK.
  2. Complete REGISTRATION tab.
  3. Click BUSINESS DIRECTORY tab, follow the steps to publish your BUSINESS/PERSON (Entity), add your website/publication/social media and wait for administrative approval.
  4. Visit HELP WANTED tab and find an area where you can support.
  5. If you would like to list any products for Sale, Trade or Barter, (and donations) click CREATE POST tab and follow those steps.

Currently General Post Union is serving as a port of entry for all persons wanting to enter The United States of America.

New member support available at Market Place General Post Union chat Telegram